Monday, February 24, 2020

WORLDVIEWS Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

WORLDVIEWS - Coursework Example A co-worker or a neighbor who follows the Islamic way of life should be understood in terms of what he/she stands for, and also be ready to embrace the differences between him/her and the other party. Presenting the Christian gospel to an Islamic person would be faced by religious differences. Islamic and Christian beliefs are significantly different. Countering one’s Islamic beliefs must be accompanied by outstanding evidence of the arguments being made. On the same note, faith in involved in the process. Faith and religious superiority would pose substantial barriers to presenting gospel to an Islamic person (Quá ¹ ­b & Rami, 2006). Personally, I uphold respect for other religions and the different forms of worldviews. In this respect, presenting the gospel must account for Islamic views and the Muslim beliefs. The idea is to present the gospel without tarnishing one religion over the other. Personally, balancing these two aspects poses substantial challenges to presenting the gospel to a person from Islamic worldview. The parties involved would have to be considered, and the efforts in presenting the gospel would not have to present Muslim religion or Islamic practices as inferior to

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Framework for proposal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Framework for proposal - Essay Example For these reasons, my proposal will include both technical and prose formats. 2. In section 1, I will organize my ideas into paragraphs written in a logical manner in order to guide and direct the reader. The ideas will be basically to provide background information, identify goals and objectives of the project. 3. In section 2 which will be written in prose, I will structure the proposal through the use of heading and subheadings which will be presented in such away that there will be a logical flow of ideas. Examples will be provided to enhance clarity and understanding. Markers may also be used to emphasize ideas, words, and phrases. The idea is to demonstrate why the expansion of the psychology department is needed. 4. The two common formats I will use in the TW sections include the use of concrete, direct, and specific language as well as the use of charts, graphs, tables, and lists in order to convey specific information. The use of concrete, direct, and specific language is to show preciseness and conciseness in presentation of specific technical information. The use of the charts, graphs, tables, and lists is important to show visual presentation of specific information. 5. In section 2 of the proposal, it will be important to use present information about the limited capacity of the psychology department. Data that might be presented include the limited number of available facilities, instructors, administrators, and students. After presenting these data, I will show why the department needs to be expanded. In section 4, I might provide data about how expansion of the psychology department in other universities has benefited these universities. I might even present opinions from students, administrators, and instructors supporting the expansion. 7. In the prose parts of the proposal, I will use standard English, figurative language, and even slang while in